Actual story of old Dracula

Count Dracula lives in Transylvania, Romania, in a castle unreachable by mortals, up in the Carpathian Mountains. Dracula no longer feeds on blood, but became vegetarian, drinking berries tea and eating vegetables. The Count has given up violence and evil. The many centuries he has lived have taught him that humans are much worse than he is. They cause misery - wars, famine, and destruction of Mother Nature. So Dracula has now come to love children and people in general, and he tries to make them happy and help them become more resourceful and creative. Count Dracula’s favourite pastime is making kids smile and laugh.

He sends gifts to people everywhere and entertains them on Halloween or their birthdays, with the aid of his Transylvanian servants. undefinedThe old Count helps people enjoy themselves with fun and crazy costumes and decorations for Halloween or for their birthdays, or while they are cheerfully roaming the streets during Halloween night to celebrate the victory of Good over Evil.

But some people have not heard of this change and are still scared of the Count. Therefore, Dracula isolates himself in his Transylvanian castle, surrounded only by a few faithful servants. One of them is Albert the Dwarf, his Transylvanian Master Craftsman, who creates gifts for people around the world in his underground workshop, alongside with other skilled dwarves. They have been manufacturing tools and toys for hundreds and hundreds of years in this workshop.

Dracula knows what is happening in every corner of the Earth through his countless "informers" who roam the world: bats, creatures that once were bloodthirsty vampires, but who, after the Count ceased to be evil, were cursed and forced to remain bats forever. Dracula also learns information with the help of his Transylvanian fortune teller, Sylvana, who, with her crystal globe, can see what is happening all around the world.

With the help of the bats and Sylvana, Count Dracula finds out easily, just like Santa does, which child or adult on Earth was ingenious, creative, intelligent and worthy of messages and gifts for Halloween or birthdays.

But Dracula, unlike Santa Claus, does not reward kids or people who are only well-behaved. The Count likes good behaviour, but also inventiveness, creativity, and initiative. Those who receive the most wonderful messages and gifts for Halloween or birthdays are those who, even if they are a little mischievous, are bright, intelligent people, and have clever ideas.

The children and adults who want to have their wishes come true don’t have to do a thing. Their parents, relatives, and friends should write to Dracula and tell him what their loved ones secretly wish for. Count answers them with a letter sent from Transylvania, or with a video message, and, if they deserve it, he sends them gifts. Count sends the worthy, ingenious, creative children and adults his authentic traditional gifts, crafted by Albert the Dwarf in his underground workshops from the wilds of the Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania.

All the correspondence and packages are transported via the old Count’s postal service - Dracula Mail – and delivered anywhere in the world. Rumour has it that Dracula Mail is such a quick and prompt service because it relies on nocturnal bat flocks that carry mail by hanging on planes, trains or trucks that travel the world far and wide...

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