Dracula Tour in Transylvania

Dracula Tour . Itinerary.

This tour is not just about Dracula, but about much more than that. Ok, he’s the special guest star, but what you’re about to experience is not a Bram Stoker production, but an authentic, Romanian one.
You will dive into the legends, the fairytales, the nature and way-of-life of Romania, spending most of your time in Transylvania.
Although we will not reveal many of our surprises for you in the following itinerary, here’s roughly what we’ve prepared for you:
Day 1 - arrival in Bucharest. You will be greeted by our very special guide at the Bucharest Intl. Airport. Transfer to your very normal, vampire-free hotel.
Day 2 – we will start the tour after breakfast, and we will be heading towards Poienari castle, the place where you will have your first contact with the stories of Vlad the Impaler.  
Day 3 – on this day we will arrive and stay in Sibiu, a beautiful city, which was European capital of culture in 2007.  There are many places to see and visit in Sibiu. We’ll make you a list!
Depending on the season, the way to Sibiu will lead us either through a picturesque valley, or head up straight over the mountains, on a road which was proclaimed by the guy’s from Top Gear as being the most beautiful road in Europe.
Day 4 – Drive to Sighisoara, via Biertani. Visit of the fortified church in Biertani, which is an UNESCO heritage site. We will understand the historic context of the region, learn about the Turkish invasion and the need to protect the homeland. Vlad himself has been a ferocious fighter against the Turks.
In the evening we will arrive in Sighisoara, a town that is the birthplace of Vlad.
The old city is also an UNESCO world heritage site.
Day 5 – Drive to the Kalnoky castle, a place where HRH Prince Charles of Wales sometimes likes to stop for a good night sleep. On our way we shall visit Viscri, another rural treasure of Transylvania. Just before midnight, we will dare the brave-hearted ones among you to go with us on a very special journey. This is the evening when Dracula is most in reach, but in order to get close to him we need to embark on a horse carriage with our torches, and drive madly through deep forest, up the hill, until we find the old castles ruin. If we make it before midnight, we’ll be safe. If not, we’d better turn around quickly…!
Day 6 – if you’re still among us, we will explore the regions and arrive at the mountains in the afternoon. Here we will go on a very special wild-watch. We hope to see wolfs, Dracula’s favorite pet, as well as bears, boars, foxes, deer and who knows what else. We will spend the night in Miercurea Ciuc.
Day 7 – today we will reach Brasov, another medieval town. After a city tour, we will continue to Bran Castle, a place that is surrounded by the Dracula legends and stories.
Day 8 – Continue to Peles Castel in Sinaia and return to Bucharest.
Day 9 – embark on your flight home after your adventure in Transylvania, which you probably will never forget. 

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